Crimson Flame Rachel

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Crimson Flame Rachel


Rachel is the eldest daughter of the Royal Agni Family. Rachel's graceful disposition masks her powerful inner fire spirit.


Seven Knights



Hero Stats (Lvl 30)

Attributes Power Up(+0) Power Up(+5)
HP 890 1280
P. ATK 386 501
DEF 259 339
SPD ATK 17 17


Universal Type Hero

Seven Knights Skills

The following are the skills of Crimson Flame Rachel:


  • Blaze (Cool down: 70 sec) - Inflicts 180% Physical Damage on 1 enemy. Burns the enemy with 80% of Physical Attack for 2 turns.
  • Phoenix (Cool Down: 74 sec) - Inflicts 120% Physical Damage on 3 enemies. Additionally, decreases the enemies' Damage and Defence by 60% for 2 turns.


  • Power of Flames (Unique Passive Effect) - Increase all allies' Counterattack Rate by 35%. Revive once with 60% HP. Also, power up skills for 3 turns.

Recommended Item

  • Critical Rate
  • Max HP
  • Counter Rate Increase
  • Damage Increase
  • Critical Damage Increase

How To Acquire


Rank Up Info

Rachel Rank Up Info