General Evan

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General Evan


After Evan came back as from his expedition, Rudy bestowed the title of General onto him. He came back stronger than ever, and developed skills to face even strongest of foes.


Evan's Crew



Hero Stats (Lvl 30)

Attributes Power Up(+0) Power Up(+5)
HP 1126 1736
P. ATK 258 363
DEF 261 371
SPD ATK 12 12


Defensive Type Hero

Seven Knights Skills

The following are the skills of General Evan:


  • Multi Slash (Cool down: 64 sec) - Attack an enemy with 170% Physical Attack. Stun the target for 2 turns and Life Steal 40% of dealt damage
  • Shield of Order (Cool Down: 90 sec) - Reduce all damage received by 40% for 3 turns.


  • Volition (Unique Passive Effect) - Increase all allies' Defense by 40%.

Recommended Item

  • Critical Rate
  • Max HP
  • Counter Rate Increase
  • Damage Increase
  • Critical Damage Increase

How To Acquire


Rank Up Info

Evan Rank Up Info