Storm Blade Feng Yan

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Storm Blade Feng Yan


Under Soi's father tutelage, he became famous for fighting with multiple swords. His ability to wield numerous swords earned him the nickname of Storm Blade.





Hero Stats (Lvl 30)

Attributes Power Up(+0) Power Up(+5)
HP 732 1097
ATK 463 638
DEF 186 266
SPD 22 22


Magic Type Hero

Seven Knights Skills

The following are the skills of Storm Blade Feng Yan:


  • Gigantic Sword (Cooldown: 150 Sec) - Attack an enemy with 450% Magic Attack
  • Thousand Blades (Cooldown: 72 Sec) - Attack all enemies with 75% Magic Attack. Decrease damage for one target or more by 30% at a certain rate for 2 turns.


  • Sword Shield (Unique Passive Effect) - Immune to all attacks for 2 turns.

Recommended Item

  • Critical Rate
  • Counter Rate
  • Critical Damage Increase
  • Counter Rate Increase
  • Damage Increase
  • Critical Damage Increase

How To Acquire

Empire 9-1 ~ 9-5

Rank Up Info

Feng Yan Rank Up Info
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