Young Archer Jupy

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Young Archer Jupy


A young girl still learning archery from her father. She hasn't reached her full potential, but she shoots well for her age.


Evan's Crew



Hero Stats (Lvl 30)

Attributes Power Up(+0) Power Up(+5)
HP 404 619
P. ATK 236 341
DEF 93 138
SPD ATK 13 13


Offensive Type Hero

Seven Knights Skills

The following are the skills of Young Archer Jupy:


  • Consecutive Shot (Cool down: 74 sec) - Attack an enemy with 170% Physical Attack.
  • Sniping Stance (Cool Down: 50 sec) - Increase Lethal Attack/Critical Rate for 2 turns. Additionally, this skill becomes an active skill during the buff duration.


  • None

Recommended Item

  • Speed Attack
  • Max HP
  • Counter Rate Increase
  • Damage Increase
  • Critical Damage Increase

How To Acquire


Rank Up Info

Jupy Rank Up Info